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Avast Secure Browser is one of the latest offerings from Avast. The company further developed its SafeZone browsing security tool into a full feature chromium-based browser. In other words, Avast Secure Browser is simply a more advanced version of the Avast SafeZone Browser introduced in 2018. According to the Avast website, their browser should be reckoned with in terms of browser security and privacy.

During its early release, the Avast Secure Browser was made available together with some of the paid products by Avast. However, this has since changed—now the software is available as a standalone browser, and it’s at a premium.

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Windows users will be pleased to know that Avast Secure Browser is compatible with the Windows operating system. It supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. However, that is the only system supported leaving Linux and Mac users out of the loop. If you are running a compatible version of Windows, you will need 400MB of hard disk space to install this browser.


As a fork of chromium, it comes naturally to expect Avast Secure Browser’s performance to come close to that of Google Chrome. Running some benchmark tests have proved this to be accurate within reason when it comes to speed. For day to day use, the browser’s performance does not disappoint either — it measures within the same range as the other popular chromium-based web browsers.

Avast Secure Browser does live up to its claims. It does not have a unique fingerprint, and its privacy ranks high on the browsers landscape. To ensure maximum efficiency, make sure that all features are fully enabled.

How to use Avast Secure Browser

If you are familiar with other chromium-based browsers, you will find yourself face to face with a familiar user interface. The interface is quite similar to the Google Chrome browser. The toolbar gives easy access to extensions. You can also check the status of other features such as the virtual private network on the taskbar.

Apart from the simple and clutter-free interface, Avast Secure Browser review also has a control center that was designed with simplicity. The Security and Privacy Centre can be easily called up through a toolbar link. You can use this feature to enable and disable the extensions running on the browser. Apart from browser extensions, there are other security features you can personalize on the browser settings. You will find that Avast also lists other security solutions that you may find useful in the Security and Privacy Centre. Download links will be provided for products you do not have on your device.

Download and Installation

The browser is available for download for free on the official Avast website. Users of other Avast products are bound to find it packaged together with other products.

In order to start the installation process, you first have to download the web installer. Installation is quite easy. It includes the usual options of activating a desktop shortcut and selecting the default language for use by the software.

You also get to choose whether you want to make Avast Secure Browser your default browser at installation. If yes, then you may be glad to know that for added convenience Avast allows you to import all bookmarks, settings, and cookies from your current default browser hassle-free. This feature is however confined to the following browsers, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet explorer. As an alternative, you can import bookmarks from an HTML file. Even after installation, one can still import bookmarks from any of the fore-mentioned supported browsers—which makes the switch a very easy and straightforward process.

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Most secure browser is loaded with a lot of cutting-edge features.

Avast SecureLine VPN

The browser offers a virtual private network extension allowing you to hide your location and change it to a different one. That can be helpful if you want to access content restricted in your region. The functionality of this feature, however, depends on the availability of Avast’s SecureLine VPN software on the device being used.

Bank mode

The bank mode previously noted to be a huge selling point for Safe Zone users also comes as part of this product. It automatically turns on when you reach a banking page or a website payment page. It helps to prevent your banking details from being stolen or stored, and your transactions are ensured maximum privacy and security. You can turn it on manually for any site you might need it. It uses a virtual desktop to isolate your communication with the banking site.


Avast has an ad blocker function which you can tailor according to your specific preferences; it can help you block aggressive ads or block all pop-up ads completely. This extension is powered by uBlock Origin, and it can utilize third-party filter lists, custom rules and also make use of whitelists. Enabling ad blocking allows a faster browsing experience.

Anti-tracking and fingerprinting

Avast’s secure browser conceals your unique browser identifier number. This helps to prevent sites from tracking or fingerprinting you for tracking purposes.

Extension guard

You can always disable or enable Avast built-in extensions. To give you full control overextensions, Avast even goes the extra mile to block third-party browser extensions from automatically installing themselves on your browser. Therefore, you get to choose which ones you want and which ones to block.

Flash blocker

This feature is one of Avast’s secret weapon to a faster browsing experience. It stops flash content from monopolizing resources.


Avast browser is equipped to guard against phishing attempts. It blocks and alerts the user of any suspicious web pages. That is a useful preventative measure against rampant viruses, and ransomware when surfing the internet.

Avast Passwords

With Avast Passwords you can effectively manage your login details for sites you use regularly. It allows you to store and manage your passwords and also auto-fill login forms using a secure source. This feature works hand in hand with the security elements of other associated Avast security products. There is not much benefit for users who do not use other Avast solutions but for those who do have compatible software on their computers; it is still a very useful security feature.

Video downloading

Avast Secure Browser allows you to download videos from authorized sites easily. The extension is pinned to the toolbar and can be easily accessed while you are viewing a page of interest. The download feature allows you to choose the quality of the video downloaded as well as the download of the audio from the video (only for select videos).

HTTPS encryption

Avast Secure Browser makes use of HTTPS encryption on websites that support the feature.  This feature is responsible for encrypting all the data exchanged between you and the website in question.

Stealth Mode

You can enable what is known as STEALTH MODE. This feature opens a private browsing window that makes sure the browsing history is not stored and is deleted once the browsing session is ended. Tracking cookies and web cache will not remain on your computer, compromising your privacy.

Privacy Cleaner

Another useful tool provided by Avast’s browser is a quick privacy cleaner tool. It can help you clear your browser history in just a single click. It’s useful in helping you get rid of cached images and the cookies you collect while surfing the internet.

Avast Secure Browser’s Advantages

Avast secure browser


Avast has many sought after web security features embedded into its browser as extensions. That gives you a one-stop-shop experience and eliminates the need to use software sourced from different companies.

Product Integration

If you are already using other security products from Avast, you will be able to make use of the product integration feature, allowing you to integrate your Avast security tools for the best protection easily.

Avast Secure Browser’s limitations


While most of Avast Secure Browser’s extensions are very useful, it may appear like a downside to users that while all extensions are pre-installed, you cannot uninstall them. The only available option is to disable the extensions one does not wish to use. That clutters the browser with greyed out options instead of eliminating the options.


The fact that Avast only makes the browser available to Windows users is a deal-breaker for users who want to sync it across all their devices, for example, iOS, Mac, or Linux.

Limited functionality

Some features like the VPN and bank mode requires one to be using other Avast security solutions. That will force you to, entirely migrate from your other security products to get the maximum efficiency from Avast.

Avast Products

Other Avast products:

  1. Avast CleanUp;
  2. Avast SecureLine VPN;
  3. Avast Antivirus;
  4. Avast Driver Updater;
  5. Avast Password Manager.


Avast Secure Browser‘s performance puts it in the same league as other older chromium-based browsers like Firefox, Opera, and Google’s Chrome. That is impressive for a fairly new browser.

If you are looking for a secure browser with pre-built security features all in one place, you will be pleased with what Avast has to offer in its browser. It’s a simple but secure solution that does more than the average entry-level browser.

The browser is easy to use, and it takes a very few minutes for one to understand it. It’s even much easier if you have been using Avast products like its antivirus software. Last but not least, these outstanding features come at a freemium.