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Avast password tool is irreplaceable for those who want to manage all the sensitive data stored on a PC and make sure that it is strongly protected. The password manager is already built-in the Avast Antivirus program, which is very convenient in some cases.

avast password manager

Why one should use the password manager?

Recollecting all the passwords one used to have during the lifetime, it becomes clear that people do not always try hard while creating some protecting pass. Many users choose rather weak passwords or, even worse, use one password on a variety of platforms, websites.  The Avast password is a solution that will prevent one’s data leak.

Right after the installation, the tool starts to collect and save the user’s login details so that the next time, one will be able to log in automatically. In such a way, one will not have to bother about which pass is safe and which one is less complicated to remember. Avast password will do everything instead of the users. 

Key features

Avast password manager review is designed to manage one’s private information easily, such a tool helps one to track all the passwords and make sure that the login information is safe. Below, we offer a list of all the major free features available in the Avast password manager. So, the tool can do the following:

  • It saves one’s time by keeping all the login information and auto-fills any forms you need;
  • Every time one registers on a new website, the tool auto-captures the passwords;
  • The Avast password generates new secure passwords instead of the users;
  • The tool makes sure that these new passwords are secure, contain characters, as well as upper and lower alphabets;
  • Despite the browser one uses, the tool imports the passwords from it;
  • If needed, one can choose an option that makes the Avast password manager forget all the passwords;
  • Pass manager synchronizes the user information across all devices through his or her account in Avast;
  • In the Settings section, one can choose the Master Password configuration and strengthen the protection of one’s data saved in the Avast password manager tool;
  • The pass manager stores data details to one’s online accounts, information about credit cards so that every time one needs to fill in the forms, the Avast password would do everything at once.

Using the tool, one can make notes concerned with the sensitive data and not worry that something bad may happen to it.

avast password managerPros:

  • User-friendly interface;
  • The application is simple in navigation;
  • having Avast Antivirus, one gets integration with the app by default (Windows)
  • Impressive cross-platform synchronization opportunities;
  • The basic version is offered for free;
  • Free of charge basic version.


  • If one uses Windows, there may be some security issues;
  • Poor credentials’ variety;
  • The app is available for those who have Avast antivirus already.

How safe is the tool?

Searching for the password manager, one will see that the market offers so many applications today. For that reason, it is no wonder that the users want to know whether the Avast password manager is reliable and safe compared to the rest of the similar apps.

With no doubt, it should be said that the Avast application does offer modern and advanced data protection. Specifically, the Avast password manager applies a special two-factor identification so that the password access becomes even more difficult. The two layers of protection look the following way:

  • The first layer is presented by the gold-standard protection – 256-bit AES-encryption;
  • The second layer is presented by the Master Password, the function of which is to protect the tool itself.

Functions and Usage

Importantly, one can retrieve the needed passwords from any gadget one wants. The tool under consideration offers the users a perfect opportunity to save the passwords from all devices in one safe place. The owners of Androids and iPhones are able to upload the app on their mobile devices.

The Avast manager is compatible with Android and iOS. It does not matter if one prefers Windows or Mac, while this tool can be used with both of these operating systems. Correspondingly, such browsers as Safari, Firefox, and Chrome work well with the app. Let us take a closer look at how the tool works with different OS and browsers.

Avast Passwords for Windows

Before one continues reading, it should be said that the Avast password manager is only available for the personal computers that already have Avast antivirus package.  The thing is that the tool is a part of this package. Naturally, a user should make sure that the mentioned antivirus program is successfully installed. Otherwise, one will not have access to the tool. Sure, some will find this a little unfair. However, the developers designed the program this way.

In such a way, if one is an owner of the computer with Windows OS and has got Avast Antivirus on it, here are the things one should do to activate the pass manager:

  • First, go to the front-end of Avast antivirus program;
  • Click on the Menu, choose My licenses and then, the section named Subscription Information (this option appears in a pop-up menu);
  • The following step is to click on the button named Enter a valid code and, correspondingly, enter the required information;
  • Finally, one should click on the Enter button, the green one, and that is it!

Avast Password for Mac

avast password manager

The lucky Mac owners would be happy to find out that there is no need to download the antivirus set to have access to the passwords managers. Thus, the entire activation process takes less time and is more straightforward in general. Therefore, the only thing one needs to do is to search for the free version of Avast password app, upload it and, finally, launch it.

Now, when the previous steps are done, one should click on the Avast Password and choose the option named Open Avast Password. The next thing to do is to go to the Finder menu bar, press on the button called Go and then, on the Applications. After this, one will see the Avast Passwords icon that should be double-clicked. When the menu opens, one should choose Activate Premium, click on it, enter the needed code, and click on the Activate icon.

Avast Password for Chrome

Chrome is widely used among many people, and it is very comfortable that there is an opportunity to use the Avast Password for this browser as it does have the extension for it. In other words, one can activate the available extension right away.

Typically, what one needs to do is to upload the Avast password application, press on the Get started button, and do all the steps required for the activation. The process is extremely simple; one should just follow the decent instructions.

avast password manager for chrome

Avast Password for Firefox

In case, if one prefers to work with the Firefox browser, one can also easily activate the Avast password. The procedure is similar to the one used for the Chrome browser. To start using the tool, one should click on the option named Activate in Firefox.

After this, the Firefox browser would present all the instructions regarding the activation procedure. One should follow all the steps to install the Avast app successfully. Here is how the extension can be added. Now, the users can transfer all the login details, passwords from the Firefox browser so that the password manager fills in all the forms instead of them.

Avast Password for Safari

If one decided to use the password manager extension for the Safari browser that is used on the Mac computers, there are some simple steps to follow. The first thing to do is to launch the Avast password and choose the Start Now option. Then, one will have to generate the Master Password. One should think properly and create a strong password. The program will ask one to type the chosen pass twice, click on the orange button to confirm the action.

Right after this, one will see the button named Install on Safari. To install the extension, one should click on it and wait for the browser to open. When the browser opens, there appears the Install Now button. Finally, everything is done, and if it is done in the right way, there would be the Avast icon on the browser’s menu bar.

Paid Avast Password Manager

avast password manager paid

The Avast password manager also offers a paid version. Naturally, the paid version has got more useful features in terms of sensitive data security. In addition to the features characteristic of the free version, the paid one offers some impressive features that can bring one’s security to a whole new level. These are as follows:

  • Password Guardian – sends notifications to a user regarding the passwords that are duplicated, weak, or compromised; thus, can easily keep up with the reliability of the passwords;
  • One-Touch Login – a convenient feature that allows one to access the pass manager that is installed on one’s Windows PC through own telephone (both Android and iOS).

In case if one decides on getting the paid Avast password version, here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the user interface of the program;
  • Got to the Protection and choose;
  • When the Passwords screen opens, choose the needed option which is Password Guardian;
  • Click on the button named Buy Now and enjoy the upgraded tool.

Avast Products

Other Avast products:

  1. Avast CleanUp;
  2. Avast SecureLine VPN;
  3. Avast Secure Browser;
  4. Avast Driver Updater;
  5. Avast Antivirus.

Can one customize the tool’s settings?

Avast foresees the needs of the users and offers three ways to customize the settings of the free version of Avast. Here are these ways:

  • Go to the app’s user interface, click on the Privacy button and then, Passwords;
  • Go to the Settings section that is located in the upper right corner;
  • Find the tabs that are located on the left-side panel; here, one can adjust the settings of the Avast Password app.

All things considered, it is fair enough to state that the Avast password manager is a reliable tool that offers several helpful features. Even though the application has got many advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. The tool is rather basic, nevertheless, if one owns a Mac computer, there are some bonuses in the form of additional features.