Avast Mobile Security Review 2020

Think about how much personal information you store on your mobile phone. Pretty much, right? No wonder! Mobile devices are convenient, and you can use these for online banking. Therefore, Avast Mobile Security offers an excellent solution for the owners of Androids and iPhones that will protect their devices from cyber threats and unsafe Wi-Fi connection!

Avast Mobile Security, iOS fingerpring unlock.

Pros and Cons of Avast Mobile Security 


  • Robust protection against malware
  • Web protection is compatible with different browsers
  • Privacy Advisor and Network Meter are available
  • A wide range of features
  • Remote lock option, alarm, and also wipe
  • Impressive SMS commands
  • Available for free


  • Web interface might be confusing for some users
  • Anti-theft installation takes some time
  • A spy camera feature is not available
  • You may have issues with the Lockscreen feature

Avast Mobile Security Features

Anti-Theft of Avast Mobile Security 

The antivirus for mobile devices ensures that you have enough options in cases of robbery or loss. Thus, using the Avast mobile, you can react immediately and locate your phone, lock it, or even wipe out all confidential data. What is more, you have an option to set on the alarm for the cases of theft. 

An Anti-theft feature is simple in use: you should set the status “Lost” so that the antivirus will lock the device automatically. Furthermore, this status means that the antivirus starts the search of your phone to detect the location. The feature provides you a map with all the locations of your phone if it changes within some time. In such a way, you have an opportunity to find out where your thief lives and turn back your phone!

Avast Mobile Security, Avast Anti Theft.

Avast Call Blocker 

The Avast Call Blocker feature is a must in the contemporary world. Spam calls are just as real as spam emails. Using this option, you can block not only unknown phone numbers; however, the contacts from the personal phone list. Thus, you can easily avoid unnecessary or unpleasant conversations. Avast Call Blocker works according to an algorithm that detects spam. Here is what the call blocking feature does for you:

  • Warns you about or blocks the incoming calls automatically.
  • It provides an opportunity to create your private blacklist.
  • Ensures your privacy by using information that is either publicly available or presented in the spam database.

So, everything works: you create a group of contacts and include this into the blacklist (spam list). The most interesting is that you can define a specific time when all the contacts should be blocked. This option is especially helpful if you are not in the mood of receiving calls in after the working hours or on the weekend.

Avast Antivirus free, Avast Call blocker.

Web Protection and Firewall 

Today mobile phones may require even more protection than computers do! People spend much time on the Internet via their smartphones. For that reason, not only malicious mobile applications but also phishing content and other cyber threats became a real problem. Nevertheless, Avast antivirus provides a reliable Web Protection, and Firewall can help with this.

The Web Protection feature will come in handy for the users of Chrome, Android Browser, Boat Browser (including Mini), Amazon Silk, and also Dolphin (including Mini). The feature provides excellent protection against all known web threats. On top of this, the performance of the device and the loading time for the websites remain the same!

As for the Firewall from Avast Mobile, it is an important additional security measure. The feature checks the apps you are willing to install. You should know that before the installation, you are to permit access to your mobile device. In case if the application is malicious, you may have lots of trouble. Thus, Firewall filters and blocks any potentially malicious mobile app for the sake of your safety. 

Avast Mobile Security for Android 

The avast brand offers several useful security features and the Anti-theft option for your Android. You have an exclusive opportunity to try out one of the first-class antiviruses for mobile phones for free! Such features as scanning of the malicious and infected files/apps, protection against trojans, spyware, viruses, malware, and phishing content. 

Sure, to get some advanced security features, you will have to pay some money. However, a feature set of Avast offers is enough for essential protection. Besides, it does not slow down the performance of the devices. Here is the list of things you receive with Avast Security:

  • Robust Android virus protection. It also protects from types of malware, spyware.
  • Location detection option – in case you lose your device.
  • Remote Device Lock enables you to block the phone and protect your sensitive data.
  • Memory Wipe option also allows you to protect any confidential information.
  • App Insights – a feature that allows you to track the time you spent in specific apps.
  • A Network meter is another feature that helps you to keep an eye on the time you spend. 
Avast Mobile Security for Android.

Avast Mobile Security for iPhone 

You might have heard that iOS is one of the safest operating systems; however, it does not mean you do not need an antivirus for your mobile device. Think about the antivirus protection as the protection of your data first of all. 

Avast Mobile Security provides you a bunch of useful features such as Photo Vault or Wi-Fi Security. The first one offers you to encrypt 40 photos from your mobile. As for the Wi-Fi Security feature, it beats the following issues:

  • Unsecured Wi-Fi connection – an unsecured connection is the one that uses an old protocol, and the antivirus will protect you from it.
  • DNS leakage – a hacker can steal your data and use it whatever he wants. Wi-F Security will prevent this.
  • Rom0 – is a vulnerability that leads to gaining access over the router administration.
  • Weak password for router and Wi-Fi – a strong password is a must, and the antivirus will notify you if you need to change it. As for routers, some people do not even have one; this may lead to big problems.
Avast Mobile Security for iPhone.

Final Thoughts 

Is Avast Mobile Security worth it? The answer will be yes! Your mobile device requires the same robust protection as any other device. People store their personal information, credit card details, and so on. Therefore, as soon as you get your phone, it is time to think about a powerful antivirus as, for instance, Avast Mobile plan. The Mobile version for the Androids and iPhones from Avast is presented in the form of numerous security features. These include the features against spyware, malware, viruses, and phishing content. 

As people tend to spend lots of time on the Internet, the safety of the Wi-Fi connection matters a lot! In this case, you can use the mobile app that will examine the possible issues via the Wi-Fi Security option. Besides, the Avast version for smartphones ensures that you receive only important calls and offers a Call Blocker. Finally, you feel even more secure having an Anti-theft option. Thus, you can see that Avast does care a lot about your mobile software protection and security.