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Avast is one of the most popular and trusted antivirus providers. Many people use it because the free version is rather sufficient for the regular PC user, and the premium antivirus doesn’t cost much. Everyone knows that Avast is reliable, that’s why this antivirus safeguards so many computers.

But one more product by Avast antivirus is never tired to offer us new features over and over again. It’s Avast Cleanup – the tool that will supposedly clean all the trash from the system and boost the device performance. This software is not free. However, it’s not expensive, either. But why would you want to pay for the system optimization instrument if there are plenty of free ones available?

Well, the most obvious answer is because Avast is trustworthy. We all know this brand and trust it. But is Avast Cleanup Premium review worth paying for it? Or maybe you should stick to old good free system optimization tools? Let’s get into the details and see if you should buy yourself a subscription.

Avast cleanup

Why should you clean the system?

Every program that runs on the device leaves a footprint. For example, you visit a website, and it leaves cookies in your browser so that the next time you come to this site, it launches quicker. The browser stores these cookies in the memory of your device. This data becomes useless after two weeks. But the device keeps it even after these two weeks until you delete the cookies.

The more data is stored on the device, the more the memory is cluttered, the worse it performs because to take any action, the system needs to crawl through all the trash in the repository. That’s why it is important to maintain order on your device, cleaning the memory from the files and programs you don’t need anymore, and footprints apps leave.

So if your computer is really slow, try to perform at least a basic cleanup – delete cookies and trash files. And by just doing that, you might see a significant difference in the performance of the system.

What about the price?

Now when we decided that we do need a system optimization tool, let’s see how much will such an instrument provided by Avast cost. The pricing is similar to the antivirus software. The longer the subscription is, the less you will pay for it.

1 year – $49.99

2 years – $89.99

3 years – $129.99

Avast Cleanup is more expensive than its competitors. For example, CCleaner is two times cheaper and does almost the same job. Of course, we can say that Avast is trustworthy. But CCleaner is just as reliable. It doesn’t have such a pretty and intuitive interface like Avast Cleaner, but it cleans the system.

On the other hand, if you have already tried something like CCleaner and you want to test different options, you can get a trial version of Avast Cleanup. Or you can request your money back within 30 days if you paid for the service but didn’t like it at all. They will make a refund without any questions.

What features does Avast Cleanup offer?

Avast cleanup features

We’ve tried this tool, and we can say for sure that it does a very meticulous job looking for trash. Avast can find it in every single corner of your system’s memory. So, after the cleanup is done, you will discover a lot of free space on your device, especially after the first one.

But let’s see what features does Avast Cleanup have.

Disc cleaner

It is the basic action every system optimization tool performs. However, Avast Cleanup does it better than most other instruments. It can find not only the trash but the traces of the app you uninstalled a while ago. That’s an important detail because almost none of the existing optimizer can do that.

Also, it will find for you the files that are too large. Take a look at them, maybe you don’t need these files, and they clutter the system. When we compared the number of trash files, CCleaner and Avast found, Avast did a better job fetching more items.

Avast Cleanup will find even dead shortcuts apps have created and bloatware like trials, toolbars and other kinds of software that just uselessly overloads the system.

Registry cleaner

Windows operating system has a registry in its core. It is a data center that stores all the information about the settings of the system. Both the OS and installed apps use the registry to perform actions. And the more programs you install, the more entries this database receives.

Here works the same principle as with the memory of the device. The more entries there are, the longer it takes for the system to go through the registry and find the needed item. Thus, the device starts working slower.

Many users feel uncomfortable when it comes to registry cleaning. The worries are easy to understand. This data center contains a lot of vital information. And if you delete crucial entries, the whole system will corrupt. But there is nothing to worry about with Avast Cleanup, even if you have no clue how to work with the registry. The tool will do everything for you deleting only trash entries and preserving required ones.

Browser cleaner

Every browser stores tons of data – cookies only take a lot of space in the memory of the device even when they’re no longer useful. And the data browsers keep is far not limited to cookies. So if you want to point out an app that clutters your system the most, look at your browser.

Of course, you can clean the cookies going to the settings of your browser. But it’s nice to have everything in one place. Avast Cleanup will delete useless footprints of the activity of your browser along with other trash files. Also, this tool will find much more redundant data than just cookies.

Sleep Mode

If the app is not used by you right now, it doesn’t mean that it’s not running in the background. Avast Cleanup will show you what programs are active and how much of your device’s resources they waste. You will have an option to put them to sleep. Doing that you will improve the speed of the system.

Automatic maintenance

It can be a burden to remember to clean your device. Avast Cleanup allows automating this task. You can create a pattern of scans and cleanups using the schedule feature. Then the tool will automatically take care of your system without you lifting a finger.

Automatic updates

Updates are essential both for drivers and apps you use every day. Outdated software is the open door for hackers to your computer. They use vulnerabilities of older versions to harm your system or fish out personal data. That’s why it is crucial to update your apps all the time. Avast Cleanup will take care of that instead of you.


This tool greets you with a dashboard that shows the status of your device’s health and shows you actions you have to take to improve the situation. Thus, everything is displayed clearly, and you can see if there are any issues.

Is it worth buying?

Avast cleanup

If you’re an advanced user who doesn’t see any issues with performing the cleanup manually, then you probably don’t need this tool. However, sometimes, even the most tech-savvy person can make a mistake and delete a crucial file. The program doesn’t make mistakes. So maybe you should at least try Avast Cleanup even if you’re sure you can go without it. A trial version doesn’t cost you anything.

Ordinary users will definitely benefit a lot from Avast Cleanup. It is much more intuitive than other similar tools. Thus, it is much easier to understand for not so advanced users. Once you get this software, you will never have to worry about trash in your system again. Avast will take care of everything, especially with scheduled cleanups.

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