Avast Antivirus Review 2020

Everything that you need to know!

Avast offers a comprehensive antivirus solution with a long list of free and paid features. Though the pricing of some of its packages is on the higher end, they do offer great protection to your sensitive information and protects your personal identity on the internet.

Avast has a number of different packages that users can choose from if they are a windows operating system user. For windows, users can choose from Free Antivirus, Internet Security, Premier, and Ultimate Antivirus option. However, if you are a Mac user there is only one option to choose from, Security for Mac.

Being said that, for most of the users around the world – the free version of Avast Antivirus is more than enough to safeguard your personal computer from different online threats. Here is the complete Avast Review that will help you to better understand the different features, pricing, packages, ease of use and support offered by the company.

Let us dive into more detail and see how each of the aspects of the Antivirus Solution turns out to be from a user perspective.

1. Ease of Use

The first and foremost thing important for any user around the world is the ease of use of any computer software. Being said that, the user interface of Avast Antivirus is simple to ease and quiet intuiting. It has a dark UI pattern that makes it more appealing to the eye. Even for beginners, it is quite a simple tool to be used.

In order to start using the antivirus solution, users can download it directly from the official website or any of the third party downloading websites. The installation process of the antivirus security solution is easy and completes quickly, without taking much of your time. Once your antivirus solution has been installed, you start the software by clicking on the icon.

In general, you will be able to see four major icons on the home screen. These are Protection, Security, Performance, and Privacy. It is also interesting to note that the interface for Mac and Windows looks the same. When you run the antivirus and close the window, the solution continues to run in the background, until the scan is finished.

If everything is protected you will be able to see a green check mark on the home screen of your antivirus solution, meaning that you are protected from any kind of virus, malware and otherwise. Though, if the software detects anything unwanted the button immediately turns red, meaning your personal computer is infected by a virus or malware or some other related problem.


The free version of antivirus solution Avast Free Antivirus review is more potent than some of the other free version brands out there in the market. Instead of simply scanning the system for malware and viruses, the free version of the software also looks for any outdated software version, any malicious add-ons, weak passwords, network issues, and unprotected sensitive documents.

Avast antivirus software provides excellent protection against malware and phishing websites. If any malware is trying to get into your computer, the antivirus solution detects it, quarantines and deletes it. In addition to this, it also protects the users from getting onto any malicious phishing websites and blocks them immediately.

Along with this, the solution also offers features such as protection against ransomware, spyware and real-time protection that comes with the paid version of the software. And if you are an active gamer who loves to play games uninterrupted – Avast offers gaming mode as well. This is one of the coolest features offered by Avast.

The solution starts the gaming mode when the software detects that the game has been launched and thus disables all the unwanted notifications and adds from the screen. Once the game is completed, it disables the gaming mode and comes back to the normal mode again automatically. Isn’t that cool?

Once the gaming mode is activated, the antivirus uses less amount of resources and provides more computing power to you, so that you can have better gaming experience. It ensures add free gaming time that you can have with your friends and families.  

Some of the other advanced feature offerings of Avast includes Boot Time Scan and Full Virus Scan. These are different from the Smart Scan option.

1. Boot Time Scan

There are much-advanced malware that does have the ability to reinstall themselves even when their files are deleted by the antivirus solution. These due to the reason that they exist outside the operating system.

This is where Boot Time Scan comes into play. Boot Time Scan restarts the computer and stops any malware that is trying to execute themselves, preventing them from again infecting your computer.

2. Full Virus Scan

As compared to the smart scan, the full virus scan runs slowly and more thoroughly to check each and every file on your personal computer. Yes, it takes a longer period of time to scan the computer system, but also has a better chance of detecting any unwanted virus or malware on the computer.

Once you have installed the Avast Antivirus review solution it is advisable to run a full virus scan at least once, to see if there is any virus lurking around in the system.

3. Wi-Fi Scanner

Another excellent feature that Avast provides is a Wi-Fi scanner. It is designed to protect the user at home and away. When you use the scanner, it detects all of the devices that are connected to the Wi-Fi. If any of the devices connected are unsecured the scanner will provide notification and point out vulnerabilities like default passwords and or any other weaknesses as such.

Avast Packages

There are five different packages provided by the company that users can choose from depending upon their antivirus requirements. The Windows has three options to choose from and for the Mac user, there is only one option.

Being said that, the free version of Windows and Mac is more than enough for most users around the world as it is that potent in protecting your PC and information on the internet. The paid version is more sophisticated than the free one, but also has a price tag associated with it – to provide enhanced security.

1. Security Pro

The Security Pro offers features like ransomware shield and also provides real-time notifications about the intrusion at the network. However, the Avast Pro antivirus review is only available for Mac users. The security pro can be availed at $59.99 per year for one device.

2. Internet Security

The Avast Internet Security review option is probably the best for users who are looking to get some of the advanced functionality that is not available with the free version. The windows users get enhanced protection against phishing websites, reliable firewall, ransomware protection, and an anti-spam tool. For one device, you will have to $59.99 per year.

3. Avast Premier

In addition to all of the above features discusses in Internet Security package, users will also get data shredder in order to delete files permanently from their systems and a webcam hacker blocker. Avast Premier review package can be availed at $69.99 per year for one device and $99.99 per year for up to 3 devices.

4. Avast Ultimate

Avast Ultimate review is the most superior package offered by Avast that combines all of the features offered by Avast Premier and Internet Security, along with some other features like a cleanup tool, VPN and password manager. The package can be availed at $119.99 per year for an unlimited number of devices.

If you are looking for more further features that are not offered in these packages, Avast provides you some of the features separately, that you can buy along with the packages and otherwise as needed.

Some Additional Separate Features

Based on your requirements, you can use some of the other features separately. These features are password manager, Secure Line VPN, Cleanup Premium, Driver Updater, Secure Browser, and Anti Track. You can pay separately for these features and get access.

Operating System

The Avast Antivirus solution is compatible with Windows and Mac OS, as well as with Android and iOS devices. However, for the kind of package that you select depends upon the operating system that you are currently discussed. As stated above, for Mac users there is only one package available, Security Pro. The free version of the antivirus can be used across the platform.

Customer Support

The customer service offered by Avast is comprehensive and with a wide range of online resources as well for users to access from around the world. All of their customer support executives have extensive knowledge about each and every feature offerings and how it works. At each pricing tier, Avast provides premium customer support to its users from around the globe.

If you are non-technical background users, their associates will walk you through the installation process step by step, explaining every minute detail that you need to understand and know about. You can even access their online resources like blog page and FAQ page to get the basic questions answered.

For more complex queries and details regarding billing and other information, users can connect to them through their 24 x 7 call center option and online chat option on their website. One of the key differentiating points of Avast over its other competitors is the kind of customer service they provide to their users.

Both experienced and non-experienced antivirus users get the same kind of service. You can be guaranteed that all of your questions will be resolved with a short amount of time and as quickly as possible. You can even email them using the email id available on their website to get support through emails.

Pros of Avast

1. It has an automatic gamer mode that activates when the screen detects that the game has been launched.

2. Excellent feature offerings with the free version of antivirus. One of the best among all the free antivirus solution available in the market.

3. Can be used on different platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

4. Competitive price offerings for internet security and ultimate version along with useful features when compared to some of the other brands in the market at present.

5. Less use of resources when the system is operating under gaming mode to provide better gaming experience to the user.

6. Easy to use interface and installation process that can be performed without any technical knowledge.

7. Provides features like Boot Time Scan, Full Virus Scan and Wi-Fi Scanner that are great to fight against malware and viruses.

Cons of Avast

1. The free version has a lot of add offerings each time the user completes a task, such as scanning for viruses and malware. This is can be quite annoying.

2. Frequent notification to upgrade the free version of the software to paid version, which again causes hindrance with the user experience.

3. The password manager feature of Free Avast Antivirus does not have all of the features that are offered by most other paid antivirus brands. This includes password reset and multifactor authentication.

Avast products

Other Avast products:

  1. Avast CleanUp;
  2. Avast SecureLine VPN;
  3. Avast Secure Browser;
  4. Avast Driver Updater;
  5. Avast Password Manager.

Final Thoughts

Avast offers comprehensive protection against most of the advanced viruses and malware on the internet. It ensures that all of your data is protected on the internet including your sensitive information like debit and credit card details. It provides end to end protection with its highly capable list of feature offerings and different packages that users can avail.

There are three different paid packages that users can choose from, for their Windows operating system depending upon their requirements. However, the free version of the antivirus is more than sufficient most home computer users. Avast also offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you do not like the antivirus solution after a month of use.

It is one of the most widely used antivirus solutions across the world and provides good security to people who are looking to protect their data and information on the internet, at the same time use features like gaming mode to enjoy the uninterrupted gaming experience. Widely used by gamers around the world, Avast is perfect to help you play your games without any annoyance.

The paid versions of the solution also come with a parental control feature that can you use to restrict your children from visiting unwanted and malicious websites. This feature comes in handy for parents whose children are actively surfing the internet all day long. It is not available with the free version.

Though it can be a bit costly for some of the users who do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on an antivirus solution, it also provides a sophisticated list of features. Avast is also continuously running many promotional offers to attract new users, that you can take benefit of, in order to save some dollars.

Let us know if you have any further questions or queries that you think were not answered in this Avast Review. If you any information that we might have missed out, let us know through the comment section below.